Approaching long term top vis-a-vis secular trend

About….19,100 DJI, 2125 S&P500, and 992 S&P 100 for long term minimum reach versus secular trends given on earlier post, before expecting price correction(subject to exogenous event(s)).

Secular trend chart patterns so significant that to reduce positions generally should be avoided, except that many individual stocks showing blow-off tops relative to valuations(especially new generation growth and those with exceptionally healthy balance sheets and ratio analysis stand-outs).

Eliminate HSY due to a contemporaneous extreme overvaluation and their potential flubs from buying Lancers(not a premium caramel) loss of focus purchasing beef jerky business(brand-able quality or not). Add it to list of others taking wrong road at fork to await long term correction: JNJ, GE, PEP, etc. Likewise eliminate KO for investing in gadgets and now milk. Big error buying commodity to nicely branded enterprises(think SJM vs HRL).

Reduce and/or eliminate shareholder friendly stocks held for growth and income to a mostly growth portfolio due to valuations:

UTX full position no change

CPB somewhat reduced(acquisitions okay-execution on naturals poor to date)

CL somewhat reduced for valuations

UNP & EQR eliminate awaiting end to future long term high interest economic back-drop

HSY & KO eliminated for questionable business practices

LMT eliminated not yet overvalued but vision cloudy(remains great income stock here).


* TRNO an exception from allocation away from bonds and real estate.


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