Final Quarter 2015 Portfolio and Comments on Recent Market(s) Pricing Activity

Dow Jones Industrials @ 16,385 a technical neutrality on the secular trend (years to decades) chart pattern. Long term (months to years) topped-out 1Q15 currently 50% retraced to long term support.

Standard and Poor’s 100(OEX) @ 861 safely within secular trend break-out chart pattern with “minimum” long term upside target 992 and secular trend target 1125.

Portfolio in order of weighting:

United Technologies; Colgate-Palmolive; Hershey; VF Corp.; PepsiCo; Illinois Tool Works; and, a 2 1/2 % speculative position. Total portfolio yield 2.46%, 6.7% including retained earnings and for comparing to fixed income, has “earnings power” of 4.42% including cash and speculative position(s).

Favor the secular trend for 5 plus year savings: Risk to economic back drop favors stocks, disfavors bonds.


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