3rdQtr16 – All Good News For U.S. Common Stocks


Colgate-Palmolive Co.; United Technologies Corp.; V.F. Corp.; International Business Machines Corp.; The Hershey Co.; Illinois Tool Works Inc.; The Kraft Heinz Co.; Time Warner Inc.; and 3 positions in nascent companies and/or industry.

Capital markets are soon to recognize that geopolitical situation(s) is(are) aligning with secular macroeconomic conditions to create a centenary bull stock market event.

Long term base/target prices for popular index averages now 18,350/24,750 (DJI – Dow Jones Industrials) and 2100/2800 S&P 500.

Greatest negative risk of an exogenous event to capital markets no longer nuclear warfare as we globally progress to mutual economic living standards’ pursuits, but policy and fiscal stagnation by misallocation (greed) by nondemocratic autocracy on one end and nondemocratic progressive hierarchy on the other end. Both block constructive personal behaviors to meld technological advancements into economic growth and jobs.

If you “earn” $ 1 million daily, would you want things to change? “Wall of worry” components (a Wall St. adage that stocks “climb” a wall of worry as they are eliminated as threats) are intentionally misidentified to maintain cash flows.



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