Wall Street Celebrates America, Hell With The Election!

Greatest loss to American citizenry over the “leadership” vacuum of the past 24 years (and apparently discounted into equity averages to be continued for at least another 4) is loss of dynamism in governance creating a majority of those dependent on a president.

If not for the unmistakable macroeconomic direction, dawn of China and India even with faith based hate obstructions there and their neighborhoods, and technological imperatives for the sustainability of humanity, dark days indeed would seem to follow a win for either candidate.

If you are long on cash, or for new saving’s dollars at these equity averages levels, add to Income portfolios: GWW (W.W. Grainger); QCOM (Qualcomm); JNJ (Johnson & Johnson); and, although a capital appreciation play and not an historic income play, TSLA (Tesla Motors).

Tesla Motors is an opportunity created by a bureaucratic “leadership” vacuum. There has never been a greater investment environment than that now existing for those lucky little ones now being born. Deferred Research and Development imperatives (not politician “infrastructure” spending) trumps disillusionment, forcing one way or the other (race, gender or faith based beliefs be damned) constructive capital and incentives allocations.

No panic to put money to work here. Mid term time period (weeks to months) recently breached harmlessly to the downside. Today’s rally takes us back to the mid term inflection point. Large immediate future volume either direction to show trend.















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